NTN Primal Chicken and Beef (with Offal) Complete Mince





British Chicken meat and bone 20%, British chicken meat 30% , Ox Heart 40%, Ox Liver 5%, Ox kidney 5%

All ingredients have been selected from wild/sustainable and ethical sources and contains raw minced bone.

This product has 10% bone content.

Protein 17%

Moisture 69%

Ash 4.1% (We do not add ash to our products this is a residue left from burning the sample for testing purposes)

Fat/oils 10%

Additional information

Weight N/A
Product Size

500g, 1kg


Nurture Them Naturally

Food Type

Raw Complete Mince (No Veg)

Main Proteins

Beef/Ox, Chicken


1kg, 500g


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