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Our customers are hopping mad with excitement over this bumper box of hairy rabbit ears! Our bumper box of 20 ears is a great saving if you prefer to bulk buy.

They’re also perfect for a gift as the ears are well presented in paw print tissue paper inside the box.

Hairy rabbit ears are one of our best sellers and no wonder why – as well as being a lip smacking high value treat, it provides and excellent source of fibre for your dog’s diet.

It is widely believed that the hair also helps to aid the natural worming process by flushing out any nasties from the digestive tract (such as parasite eggs) and intestines. The fur brushes through the digestive system and dislodges worms and eggs.

Many customers also use the ears with fur to help settle tummies with acid reflux.

They’re hypoallergenic, responsibly sourced and highly digestible. Perfectly air-dried to maintain goodness, hairy rabbits ears are a clean odourless treat to have in the house and contain no additives or preservatives and are grain and gluten free!

Suitable for dogs of all sizes.


No artificial additives

Made of 100% Rabbit

With Fur for intestinal cleansing

Suitable also for big dogs and small dogs


Fur also aids in cleaning teeth

Acts as natural protection against worms by brushing away worms and eggs in the digestive system.

Our hairy rabbit ears for dogs helps to clear away food residue which can build up over time

Hypoallergenic and 100% natural air dried

: 100% rabbit

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 46.8%, crude fat 21.5%, moisture 7%, ash 1.02%, crude fibre 0.6%.

Feeding Guidelines:

You can feed these rabbits ears as a high value treat or rewards at anytime as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure there is fresh, clean water available when feeding.

We always recommend supervising your dog when giving any kind of treat.

Box Contents: 20 hairy rabbits ears well presented in paw print tissue paper within a box


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