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Adult Working Dog Complete Raw Food 80% meat, bone and offal, 19% Vegetables and 1% Egg, flax seed oil, kelp, herbs and joint aid (glucosamine, chondroitin and M.S.M) Premium raw dog food lovingly prepared by Benyfit Natural.

A truly satisfying and healthy meal to support your very best friend in their senior years.

Elderly dogs need extra care – to keep them fit, mobile, healthy and loving life.

Benyfit’s Senior recipe includes glucosamine to promote healthy cartilage and synovial fluid production; chondroitin to help repair connective tissue and maintain cartilage; and MSM to maintain the strength of connective tissues.

Results in visible signs of healthy skin, teeth and gums, glossy coat, better digestion and strong bones.

Human Grade British Ingredients: Turkey with bone, Liver, Kidney, Heart, Broccoli, Carrot, Swede, Flaxseed Oil, Egg, Kelp, Celery Seeds, Alfalfa, Nettles, Rosemary, Psyllium Husks, Clivers, Wild Yam, Glucosamine, Chondriotin & M.S.M.

Feeding guide: Adult dogs should be fed 2-3% of their ideal body weight per day.

Every working dog is different. Adjust portions accordingly.

Wash your hands, utensils and surfaces

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500g, 1kg


Benyfit Natural

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Raw Complete Mince (With Veg), Senior

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1kg, 500g


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