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This Probiotic formula provides multiple strains of bacteria to support gut microbiome health in all life stages.

Need to know

Benyfit Natural have partnered with Animotics to give you access to the premium Probiotic for both dogs and cats. Animotics is a bespoke Probiotic paste for dogs, with a formula providing multiple strains of bacteria to support gut microbiome health in all life stages.

  • Supports immune function
  • Eases dietary transitions
  • Behaviour support
  • Enhances performance
  • Supports the gut during gastric upset and veterinary recovery

The syringe is marked with the correct dosage according to your pet’s body weight.

0-5KG – 1ml
5-10KG – 2ml
10-25KG – 3ml
25-50KG – 4ml
50KG+ – 5ml

•Plunge the syringe to discharge the paste into the pet’s mouth or onto food.

•In acute digestive upset a double dose should be given twice a day, followed by a normal dose twice a day until stools normalise.

•Animotics is a natural product and cannot be over dosed.

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1 review for Animotics Probiotics Paste for Dogs & Cats

  1. s_cummings2 (verified owner)

    This probiotic paste was recommended by my vets after my dog had an upset stomach. It worked within a couple of days. When my dog was off her food recently and had an upset stomach I gave her this, the next day she was eating and back to her normal self. The difference it made was amazing without the extra £70 vets bill. It’s easy to use just turn the dial to the amount you need and either squirt into the animals mouth or add to the food once they start eating again. This paste is like a smooth gravy the one from the vets was a bit grainy, my dog prefers this brand.Happy chops went above and beyond for me by delivering this to my mum’s as I was away.A huge relief and I am extremely grateful. I can’t recommend this product highly enough.

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