Our Story

Where it all started...

Here at Happy Chops, we are driven by the boss Chops. He is our beloved profoundly deaf, rescued American Bully/Mastiff. It’s fair to say, he had a tough first few years in life.

Having been plagued by intolerances and allergies, we were committed to providing him with a healthy, natural, and nutritious diet for the rest of his life. Totally free of chemicals along with being ethically and responsibly sourced.

Despite living in a large dog-loving community, however, it very quickly became apparent that a lot of brands and products which we felt were great for Chops, were not available locally… and so Happy Chops was born.

Skip ahead from our humble beginnings in 2018, working from our home, and we now have a thriving customer community who also recognise and embrace the benefits of a healthy canine and feline diet.

We also have a new addition to the family! Bee is our 80kg English Mastiff rescue who makes sure Chops has a sister to play with and a friend for life.