worm count kit
Worm Count Kit
Whether you worm conventionally, naturally, or not at all, it’s a good idea to regularly test the worm burden of your dog to make sure they’re getting the protection they need and staying as healthy as possible. Worm Count for Dogs is a simple and effective test that will tell you whether your dogs has any of the following; toxocara, tapeworm, whipworm, hookworm or giardia.
lungworm count kit
Lungworm count Kit
Lungworm is becoming much more common, and is now a risk to dogs across much of the UK. Lungworm can be fatal and is very hard to treat once symptoms appear. A screen looks for larvae though you should always be aware of lungworm symptoms; coughing, fast, heavy and noisy breathing, weight loss, unexplained bruising and bleeding, seizures.
Serendipity Four Seasons - Intestinal Hygiene Control
This natural wormer is free of harsh chemicals so gentle on the gut. Only a tiny amount is needed so the bottle can last for almost a year!
Rabbit Ears (with hair) x 4
These delicious Rabbit Ears come complete with fur to offer an irresistible, healthy treat for your dog. Acting as a natural de-wormer and 100% pure meat, these highly sought-after treats are ideal for training or as a guilt-free snack.Rabbit ears are great chews for dogs with sensitive digestions or which suffer with allergies. They are high in protein and low in fat. The rabbit ear chews are 100% natural and have been slowly dried to produce a treat which will keep your dog busy for hours. They are a great snack for between meals.Ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
Venison Ears with Hair
Appeal to your dogs primal side with a delicious natural Venison ear. Complete with hair, wonderfully nutritious and packed with flavour, Venison ears with hair make for a very special treat for your dog. Low in odour and non-greasy, these Venison ears act as a natural de-wormer and are a healthy alternative to pigs ears too.
Venison/Deer Skin with Hair
100% natural venison / deer skin with hair is perfect for satisfying your dogs primal chewing instinct, fully digestible and a great natural de-wormer.  Venison is a nutritious premium novel protein, not only irresistible but healthy too!Ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes.Great for dogs with allergies.Naturally lean and low in fat.Healthy source of protein and iron.Excellent omega 3 qualities.Long lasting chew.
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