About Us

Firstly, let’s introduce you to the boss, Chops: our beloved profoundly deaf, rescue American Bully/Mastiff cross.

Chops was originally a European street dog, found in an extremely bad way. He was grossly malnourished and clearly had a very tough time.

In fact, he was so malnourished that he was originally mistaken as a Boxer, despite his frame...

That was then....

The wonderful Boxer Rescue Service (Southern) was contacted and they brought him back to the UK, where we met and fell in love with him.

Whether it was his earlier lifestyle or whether he’s generally a sensitive soul, he suffers significantly from intolerances and that’s where our journey began.

Our resolve was to ensure that Chops is no longer plagued by intolerances and allergies, and has a healthy, natural and nutritious diet for the rest of his life; free of chemicals, ethically and responsibly sourced…but knowing where to start and where to get it from was easier said than done!

The wealth of information on the internet is mindboggling, with many pet food brands now marketing their products as natural and healthy, despite many still containing additives, chemicals and ingredients that some tummies struggle to digest.

We have looked at many brands, their ethics and their ingredients. We’ve also looked into supplements that can really benefit Chops now and in later life and many of our dog loving friends have asked us about what we give Chops, why and where they can get it too.

In fact, despite living in a large dog loving community, it very quickly became apparent that a lot of brands and products which we (and more importantly, Chops) love, are not easily available in the locality, and so Happy Chops was born.

Since Happy Chops was born, we have collaborated with a couple of local rescue charities, Angels4Dogs and Flori's Friends and it was through Angels4Dogs that we met our newest family member, Bee......a victim of the first national lockdown in 2020, Bee, an English Mastiff puppy, was found abandoned and emaciated. Since bringing her home, we have watched her flourish and grow (a LOT!) on her nutritious raw diet.

Our mission is to provide our customers with brands that we believe in, that we trust and that we would happily provide Chops and Bee. Our products are healthy, natural, ethical and responsibly sourced. We recognise and embrace the benefits of a healthy canine diet, as do our customers…your dogs.

Yours, Sim & James

Happy Chops