COVID 19 Update


Thanet Delivery schedule until further notice

As mentioned in our last update, we are revising our Thanet schedule until further notice, starting with immediate effect.
This is to help reduce the need to be out in public whilst we are all being urged to stay indoors as much as possible, plus it frees up time to be able to run essential errands for friends, family, neighbours and customers who are self isolating.

Monday late pm - Ramsgate, Broadstairs, WWX, Pegwell
Tuesday morning - Palm Bay, Margate, Westgate, Birchington, Acol etc
Wednesday morning - Ramsgate, Broadstairs, WWX, Pegwell
Thursday late pm - Palm Bay, Margate, Westgate, Birchington, Acol etc

Collections will continue to be by appointment only.

To further reduce the need to be out in public, we urge customers to choose the late pm slots wherever possible - if we only have a couple of deliveries booked in, we may well push them back to the next bigger slot for that area. The late pm days are always the busiest so there is less likelihood of the delivery being pushed back.

Please make sure that your order is placed by 2pm on the late pm delivery days so that we can see, process and pick your order in time.

Thank you so much for your understanding and support with this over the coming weeks/months.


As guidelines and requirements are changing daily, we want to keep everyone in the loop.

Supply chain
As it still stands, it is business as usual with our suppliers. Production is still good and the only change thus far is that one of our main suppliers is taking slightly longer to deliver to us than usual, due to the high demand with getting orders out the door.
All the meat is British, so there is currently no disruption with supply.

Deliveries and Collections
We're still delivering and allowing collections and will continue to do so until we are ordered otherwise by the Government.
As per our previous update, deliveries will be left by the door/in a safe place and collections will be left outside Happy Chops at pre-arranged times so that there is sufficient social distancing.
For customers who are self isolating, please let us know and we will text to say the delivery has arrived, rather than ring the doorbell....please also do let us know if we can help in any way, such as grocery shopping etc.
In the event that we have to self isolate, our friends have kindly offered to take over the running of Happy Chops.
From next week until further notice, we plan to streamline our delivery schedule to just our busiest days, which will free up time to be able to run errands for neighbours, friends and customers who are in self isolation.

Planning ahead
As we're moving into uncertain times, we've been looking at ways to plan ahead. We are going to thin down on a few of the slower frozen product lines to free up freezer space for more popular lines, so that we can keep a good level of stock in and reorder from suppliers less frequently.
Our priority is food over treats at the moment so we are going to thin out some of our treat lines to make space for high quality food that is not frozen. With the exception of a couple of the most popular treats, when a line is sold out, it will not be replenished until further notice.
We plan to increase our non frozen food lines in the next week or so, which we hope will benefit customers with smaller freezer storage, in the event that the UK is told to stay indoors for a period of time.

On a brighter haste, guess who accidentally added an extra zero to the latest Nutriment order....we'll not be running out of chicken chubbs anytime soon!!!!

Keep well and safe and thank you all for your continued support.



As mentioned in our previous post, we are continuing to carefully follow Government guidelines.
Like the rest of the community, we are taking the best courses of action to keep everyone safe and little changes can make a big difference.
With this in mind and to avoid any unnecessary interactions, we will now be leaving orders at your front door or dropping it in a designated safe place. We will of course knock to make you aware that we have delivered and will not drive off until we're sure that it has been safely received. For customers who like to pay by card on delivery, please contact us separately so that we can make alternative arrangements.

We thank you all so much for your continued business and support through these difficult times and for your understanding. 🐾


We understand that customers are concerned about their raw/treatment supply during the crisis moving forwards, so just to keep you all in the loop about what we know.
We're keeping abreast with changes in government advice and we're in regular communication with our suppliers who are liaising with their couriers/haulage firms.

As yet, there is no issue with supply chain for our raw/supplement brands and (at this time) there is unlikely to be. If any change is on the cards then we'll let you all know. Our main brands have internal action plans for disruption and cover during absence so our feelings are to keep calm and carry on until we're told differently.

If customers would prefer to buy more raw/treats/supplements than usual in case the situation changes, please talk to us in advance rather than bulk buying through the website so that we can coordinate, to ensure stock levels are maintained: some of our suppliers only deliver twice a month with a full working week's notice and so we want to ensure that there is enough food at any given time for all hungry mouths

Thank you all as always, for your continued and much valued support and if you have any concerns or queries, do please give us a holler🐾