Stock/Brand Updates

To Our Amazing Customers ❤️

Firstly, we are so grateful that you choose Happy Chops to support the health and happiness of your furry friends. As a small business, your loyalty is never taken for granted.

We are all suffering from global inflation pressures, and this is no different for us and our supply chains. Everything from grain shortages due to the war in Ukraine and poultry shortages with the Avian Flu outbreak, to huge packaging and fuel increases; these are all contributing factors.

Despite this, as a brand, we refuse to compromise on quality and value so for this reason, we made a decision last year to shoulder the increases imposed by our suppliers and not pass them on; even as far back as April 2022.

We have managed to keep our pricing below our competitors for most products, for a long time. Unfortunately, we are now at a point where we have been forced to fall in line with current retail prices in order for us to survive as a business. This decision has not been taken lightly and has been delayed for as long as we could possibly manage but will now take effect from this week. However, this will be a marginal change with some products barely affected at all.

In other news (hopefully cheery!) we have managed to secure funding for a walk in freezer which will be installed this month. This means that we can hold higher stock levels of your favourite brands so more products are available for more of the time. We will also be able to take advantage of supplier offers and pass the savings on to you! Fewer stock deliveries will help reduce our carbon footprint and the time saved from frequent stock orders/deliveries will mean that Sim can complete her qualifications in Canine Nutrition and Holistic Health, so we can better assist our customers with complex needs.

We will also be launching our new website soon which will continue to offer loyalty points alongside other great special offers. (On that note, please use up your existing loyalty points as soon as possible as we’re sadly unable to port them over to the new website).

We’re confident that the new website will be slicker and easier to navigate and can’t wait to share it with you.

Together, we will muddle through these very strange times…

All the very best

Sim, James, Chops & Bee xxx 

Benyfit Natural None Scheduled
Billy+Margot None Scheduled
Cotswold Raw None Scheduled
Nurture Them Naturally None Scheduled - some lines are unavailable by NTN currently 
Nutriment Due 08/03/23 - stock added to website
Paleo Ridge Due 08/03/23 - stock added to website
Poppy's Picnic None Scheduled
The Dog's Butcher Due 208/03/23 - stock added to website
Alexander Natural None Scheduled
Beco None Scheduled
Dorwest Herbs Arrived - stock being processed
Fish4Dogs Arrived - stock being processed
Forthglade None Scheduled
Goodchaps None Scheduled
Green & Wilds Arrived - stock being processed
Herbal Dog Co Arrived - stock being processed
JR Pet Products None Scheduled
Lickimat None Scheduled
Proflax None Scheduled
Soopa None Scheduled
Woof Butters None Scheduled - due to a relocation, no deliveries available until further notice. A different brand of peanut butter with turmeric is available in store in the meantime